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Robert Burleson

President & Founder

Express Industries Corporation

With deep experience in the energy sector complimented by a broad-based background that includes interaction with manufacturers, importers, municipal taxing authorities, state agencies and school districts, Michelle Colombo not only commands a versatile knowledge of the various aspects of accounting, but also possesses an innate ability to quickly grasp financial implications of projected business strategies.

As Chief Financial Officer of Express Industries Corporation, Michelle had total responsibility for all aspects of our financial well being.  For starters she managed a 3 million dollar line of credit.  In addition she administered the benefits package for our employees, including medical insurance, workers compensation insurance, and a Profit Sharing Plan with approximately 75 members and assets just above 4 million dollars.  She also implemented a 401k plan as well as dealing with our business insurance, fleet insurance, payroll, and all tax issues for eight states and myriad counties, parishes and municipalities.  In addition, her accounting advice and business counsel was a critical factor in completing a very successful sale of Express Industries Corporation to the Southwester Corporation, which was culminated on 12/31/2014.

My opinion is that any business or partnership in need of a full-service, broad spectrum accounting service would be fortunate to engage Michelle Graham Colombo CPA, LLC.

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